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Going to Cabo? Rescue a Dog On Your Way Home

Shayna Denny with her four dog participates in the Cabo to Portland dog rescue

Realtor Shayna Denny and friends.

I love dogs. Well, I love animals. Currently, we have two dogs and 3 cats. They didn’t all come to us on purpose, but I have a hard time turning down an animal in need.

Cabo to Portland Dog Rescue

A few years ago my boyfriend and I were hiking in the Sierra de Laguna Mountains just outside of Santiago, Mexico, about two hours north of Cabo San Lucas. We met a couple who was living in Cabo and told us that the Humane Society there is often over run and they transport animals to Portland to be adopted there. They told us that they’re always looking for people who are flying between Cabo and Portland to help transport those dogs.

As soon as we were back to civilization (had WiFi), I emailed the Los Cabos Humane Society to see if they could get any animals ready in the two days before we flew home.  They scrambled, and managed to find two amazingly cute dogs to fly with us to Portland. And that was the first time I helped to transport dogs to the Rescue Faerie.

Rescue Faerie

The Rescue Faerie is a Portland based organization that runs out of Lexi Dog. As far as I know, their main objective is to transport dogs from the Los Cabos Humane Society to the Portland Rescue Faerie and find them forever homes. Between the Los Cabos Humane Society and the Rescue Faerie they make it very easy. They meet you at the airport in Cabo and check the dogs in when you check in at the counter. The Rescue Faerie pays for all the fees. You will need to bring the dogs through customs, all of their paperwork is with them.

The Rescue Faerie will meet you at the airport in Portland to pick them up.  The animals are then brought to volunteers to bathe, feed and give them a place to stay until they are adopted out.

A Special Place in My Heart

I know there are many organizations that do similar things in Portland. But the Rescue Faerie will always have a special place in my heart. We found our younger dog at the Rescue Faerie and it seems like fate that he should be with us.

So if you’re ever flying from Cabo to Portland keep this in mind, plan ahead if possible, and help make someone else’s life feel like furry fate from Cabo has intervened.


Homes Under 300K in Portland and Include a Personal Note with Your Offer

Shayna Denny, Portland area Realtor

Shayna Denny, Oregon Broker

We were definitely feeling the fall slow down, then three weekends ago, BOOM. My world got really busy. But that’s good news because that means there were lots of great new listings that people wanted to see.

Homes Under 300K in Portland

In Portland’s low inventory market new listings under 300K are fantastic news!

Two weeks ago I should have attended my friend Max’s mediation class, but where was the time? I found out two of my clients had accepted offers on homes under 300K!

The livable homes under 300K are still out there, even in the hot Portland market. You just have to know where to look.
Shayna Denny, Oregon Broker

Include a Personal Note with Your Offer

One offer was a challenging 265k budget and a buyer who needed the seller to credit money for closing costs. That home had six offers by the time the seller could review them. When the listing agent called to let me know the seller had chosen my buyer’s offer, she said there were two very similar offers and the seller appreciated the letter my buyer had written.

My buyer chose write a short note to the person selling the home. She wrote about how much she loved the house, and though she’d already seen it, went back to both open houses. She wrote a little about herself and where her life was headed and how she could see her future in that house.

People’s homes can be very sentimental and there is often a strong emotional attachment. We want to know that our home will be in good hands if we no longer live there. Because of this, writing a letter to the seller can be a great addition to an already strong offer.

Both sets of buyers are so excited for the homes they are buying and I couldn’t be happier for them!